Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Winters Upon Us- Activities

Starting tonight, winter weather season will begin. The forecast calls for 4-8 inches of snow, then off and on through the 14th. That will suit the town's folks just fine as winter activities kick off the 15th.

The annual motorized Christmas parade will start at 3rd and Fir Streets. Look for the bonfire and participants warming both their outsides and inner selves prior to setting out on the parade which will terminate at the community center, delivering Santa for the chamber Christmas party.It is expected that the parade will then wind it's way to the 'Wheel where the party will continue. Festivities will start at the bon fire about 2:00 pm with the decorated parade heading out about 5.:00 pm, carrying Santa to the community center where the kids party will begin. The end of the parade signals the adults it is time to head for the Wheel for adult beverages.It should be a snowy landscape followed by one day of clear cold weather.

December 21, Friday, brings the Mayan world ending party at the Captain's Wheel Resort. There will be a ton of fun as tongue in cheek revelers wait for the stroke of midnight bringing on many more years of political strife and of course joy to all that live life like there will be no end. More on that later.

Christmas, December 25 will see Bayview shut down as families and friends celebrate, each their own way. 

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