Thursday, December 13, 2012

Insulting Commercials, And Christmas Prostituted

Alright, I've had it. We have always had to put up with stupid holiday advertising. This year we have topped them all.

First, there is the Five hour Energy commercial where the children of the family gather around the tree to open presents. They are apparently thrilled with the prospect of having more energy, when the rest of us are trying to keep them from flying off into space with the excess energy they already have. The idea that children would be thrilled to receive this product that the government is still investigating as unhealthy is surreal. Perhaps in Washington and Colorado, They could have been rewarded by a lid or two.

Then there is Direct TV. In several commercials, whining ten year olds approach their consoling parent with the dismay at not being able to record more than three television  trash programs. What has happened to this, the electronic generation?

In my childhood, we celebrated KING TV, channel five in the Seattle area as the first station in black and white, the first blurry example of what was to come. 

I remember when toys were what we invented and used outside, with comic books available after dark. Hey, we even had books. Many an evening, causing sleepy classroom results the next day, I read books about poor boys succeeding through thrift, good behavior and religious lives, written by Horatio Alger, Jr. What my teachers didn't understand is that I became more of a writer, more as a communicator, by those under the covers reading sessions that sometimes lasted all night.

Enter the present. I still firmly believe that hard work and diligence will produce good results. As a result, late in life, I applied these principles. I used my God given voice to enter Talk Radio. Later, in Idaho, I had the opportunity to write an area column which created income I desperately needed at the time.

As I look back, many friends appear that I never recognized at the time. My high school years were not much fun. I was uninspired. Later, after four years in the Air Force in which I became a man, I remain a believer in Santa Claus. His name however is Jesus Christ, son of God.

Trot out those Christmas trees and statues. The US Constitution does not prohibit these things, only prohibits the government from establishing them. Somehow, someway, we have to overcome the new generation, which apparently is leaning heavily toward no belief system at all. They call that, Atheism. I feel badly for all of them. Firstly, they suffer in life having nothing to look forward too. It is sad, because they don't. I don't believe they will go to Hell, I hist think they will disappear, as their beliefs decree.

As too the companies that continue to thrust crap at us, blessed are those days after Christmas when presents and other non-religious crap is celebrated, and families and human vaues reappear.

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