Monday, February 18, 2013

Free Trade Free?

According to Wall Street our recession ended in 2009. What they are really saying is that the stock market improved to an acceptable level in that year. Unfortunately, the recession for Main Street hasn't ended yet. What hasn't either occured to the market, or they don't care, is that the tax breaks plus lower production costs in the Orient produce better profits for corporations that manufacture overseas.

With inflation lurking just around the corner after the huge federal spending spree and unemployed still high our economy in general sucks. What is good for investors is not necessarily good for the nation. Profitable corporations do not feed families, at least the vast majority of them. Those jobs that are now off shore will not come back unless we demand products that are domestically produced.

Walmart, surprising everyone, diverted from a long time position of finding the cheapest product, has turned 180 degrees to now buying as much as possible in our country. Buy America isn't just being patriotic, it is basic survival. If our government were to re-examine our teriff rules to make it profitable to manufacture here, it would help. At the same time tariffs that just protect farmers from Brazilian methanol is flat stupid. the comnpitition for corn has doubled our meat prices in just three or four years.

The law of unintended consequences is raging out there and someone, somehow is going to have to use principle instead of selfish interest or regional votes. We have the congress we deserve. After all, we sent them there. Perhaps a reexamination of what we want our elected officials to accomplish would be in order. Please take an active part in governing ourselves by letting your senators and congressman know what you want from them.

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