Sunday, February 03, 2013

More Insenitivity

The post that I published was picked up by Huckleberries on line Friday. The first 30 or so comments were negative, most from established left wing sources, but some not. Later, when those that are not used to checking Huckleberries out due to the incessant monopoly from the left, chimed in. Many  agreed with me that while the Task Force on Human Relations has been of great value to the area it overstepped itself this time, watering down their image by holding a press conference over a dumb joke that the liberal chorus cried, "Racist."

Well the task force went ahead with their press conference which I considered ill advised. Finally they admitted that the remarks by a Mr. Regan of the School Board wasn't racist after all. It was perhaps "insensitive." The more than forty comments on the item in Huckleberries had some interesting results. If they hadn't been eager for the spotlight, they could have just said, this doesn't rise to the level that we wish to pursue.

One comment named me as a Crank. Now that, considering that I am probably twice his age in years and perhaps much more in maturity, consisted as an insensitive remark.

Another, Was patronizing, suggesting that we should feel sorry for Herb for his misguided views. "Insensitive and judgmental."

Another hinted that in my advanced age, my opinions gather no weight, as everyone knows that people over fifty are ignorant and those of us with 70 or more years of life experience and gained knowledge are even more out of it.

I suggest first for those of you that are young and ignorant, you should listen to your betters, as we have spent many more years learning about life than you. How dare you defame me for my years of age, especially since you haven't a clue as to anything happening before you were at least a teen.. I rest my case.

Oh and for those of you that understood my position as not a philosophical one but one of principle, such as Brent, hmoffsuite and others, thank you for swimming against the screamers and surfacing with common sense. Something that is sorely lacking in these days of liberal uprisings. For you that want to continue with your rant, I suggest you find something other than political intolerance as a weapon.

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