Friday, February 01, 2013


We have come a long way in the last 20 years fighting intolerance. Unfortunately, we may like most social issues, have let the pendulum sway to far.Recently, a Coeur d'Alene School Board member made a remark to his wife which he repeated in public as a joke. Regan is a Republican.

The joke was, as I understand it, is he was explaining to his wife the trouble with defining what was an assault weapon, as legally defined. He looked at the rifle He was holding and allegedly said, "well, it is black and dangerous." To which his wife allegedly said, "so is Obama."

Well, calling a person black is not racist. The news media constantly reminds us that our president is black. As to dangerous, many. almost 50% of the country feel that he is harming our country with his policies. Ergo, dangerous.

Another issue here is that there are different standards for people in politics or other public figures than you and I. It has never been inappropriate to brand these people with insults and/or insensitive remarks. This is the bedrock of our democracy. The first amendment is paramount here.

The local Task Force on Human Relations decided, probably due to not having any publicity lately, to chime in. They called a press conference. Somehow, common sense overruled their witch hunt tendencies.Rather than a charge of racism, they labelled the remarks as,"Insensitive."  I am going to assume at this point that every time a leftist says something publicly about Republicans, that the task force will call yet another press conference to label the "insensitive" remarks. Don't hold your breath.

I am almost 75 years old and have lived through the second world war, the real war on racism, the birth of jet aircraft, (imagine an air machine without a propeller.) The decline of the dollar, which is probably the worst thing that has happened in this country. When I was a teen driver, gas was 30 cents a gallon. Gas prices have not gone up appreciatively, but the dollar has declined. Same with gold, valued at above $1500 per ounce, a silver dollar now worth $40.00 Inflation, which starts with government spending sprees is the root cause. President Obama and his cohorts in the Senate have in just four short years, doubled our national debt.

To chastise anyone for being pissed off at the president, is not racism, as the left howls, any more than insulting remarks about George Bush is. The Difference is which political party each belongs to. This is the ultimate in double standards.We need objectivity, not witch hunts. So then, I have decided to say something insensitive. Our president is a spendthrift clown with no ability to govern other than to promote socialist agendas.   Call out the task force. I have been insensitive, as has our president been in mortgaging our country.

 At some point after the federal reserve can no longer hide the penalties which are rampant inflation,  interest rates will climb to historic highs. In the mean time, senior citizens that have scrimped and saved for their retirements, have seen their interest income plunge to near zero. That is the tragedy that has become endemic.Does anyone here remember stagflation of the early 1980's? Probably not. Most of you are too young and too full of what has happened in your lifetimes to care about what went on before.

So then I urge the task force along with their fellow travelers to stick there sensitivity where the sun doesn't shine I own my opinions.

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Anonymous said...

You are of course, correct. The leftists tried to create moral outrage over a complete non-issue. But a non-issue has never stopped leftists and their media pals from beating the "racial insensitivity" drum. Certainly not when someone who takes a conservative approach to life is the one under fire.

Mia Love, Condoleeza Rice, Herman Cain, J.C. Watts, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Nikki Haley and so many other conservatives have had race-based attacks leveled at them by the left with nary a whisper from the media, unless it's to add support for the leftist attack. But the moment a conservative utters the slightest thing that could possibly be twisted into being "racist" or "insensitive" the leftists and media latch right onto it and drum it into public memory over days or weeks at a time.

By my count, there were more than 30 entries in the blogs on in just four days that expressed some form of outrage over his "insensitive" comment.

Now obviously, that is quite purposeful. First, it keeps up the energy of the self-righteous outrage. Second, it creates a huge amount of search engine optimization, drastically increasing the odds that when Regan comes up for election and someone does a search for his name, that person will come up with one of those posts and shy away from voting for him, because of the manufactured outrage.

So really, this out-of-proportion response to an innocent comment has been turned into a highly effective tool to cause a political enemy of the leftists to lose votes when elections come around.