Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Seahawks Wuz Robbed

Looking back on the Washington Redskin game, it was apparent that the field conditions were atrocious. There were three injuries attributed to the clumps of dead grass and dirt the teams faced. One was Washington Quarterback RG111. The Seahawks lost Clemons their number one sack man and the place kicker.

The last one cost the Seahawks the NFC championship and possibly the Super Bowl. A retired kicker was brought in, one that han't kicked in a year and was out of shape. The last play that the Seahawks had possession was a kickoff. The ball didn't go through the end zone and as a result Washington had a good runback followed by a couple of pass plays and they kicked a winning field goal.

I don't believe any stadium in football has the awful playing surface the Redskins have. I'm surprised that none of the talking heads mentioned this. They all stressed whether the coaches should have let RG111 play hurt. I am also surprised that the players association hasn't demanded the playing surface be replaced. Field condition should never decide the outcome of a game. This one did.


Ric said...

Oh come on Herb, the Redskins had to play on that same field. The better team that day won, same with the Super Bowl outcome.

Bay Views said...

Yes Ric, they did. And ;ost their superstar QB for the same reason.