Saturday, February 16, 2013

HBO Blogfest #9

Mwa with Dan English

A large group of revelers attended the anniversary of Huckleberries on line, with Bent's Barbecue bringing the pulled pork and Steve Widmeyer furnishing the rest, all paid for by the Spokesman-Review.

Managing Editor, Gary Graham was there to write the check for what has turned out to be one of the more successful ventures the S/R has promoted in this age of the Internet.

Some of us were urged to start blogs for our selves which I participated in with mixed results.  My page views, starting in 2005 are at 223,000 as of this date. I have sometimes wrote news, sometimes humor and sometimes rants.

I turn 75 month and with that age comes curmugeonhood. This gives us oldsters the license to yield unsolicited opinions about pretty much everything. Of course that includes the horrendous social changes brought about by our young people, tossing out those principles we hold dear, but then it is their world now and they will have to learn about cause and effects.

Stickman, who has carved and gave away walking sticks to hundreds if not thousands of people, caught up to me during the week and showed up at blogfest with my very first walking stick. It is maple and hand sanded down to a glass like finish. Thanks, big guy.

Many old friends showed up along with some new ones, but we missed many that usually attend. Our master of cerimony, Dave Oliveria made a short speech thanking both the paper and us for making Huckleberries so successful.

  R-Duane Rassmussen aka Mr Republican, seated with his body guard, L-Sgt Christie Wood, CDAPD

photos by Don Sausseur

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