Friday, April 19, 2013

A Miracle In Bayview

Those that do not believe in miracles or even religion will have to take a step back today. Last week,  a local bible study group from the Real Life Church in Post Falls, got together and decided to help Yvonne Wallis, the victim a couple of years ago of the dastardly attack by a deranged neighbor wilding a hammer. Yvonne's daughter-in-law, patty was killed and Yvonne endured two years of surgeries and long recovery periods in which she had to have twice daily antibiotics intravenously administered by friends and neighbors.

Today she is once again healthy and in addition to that she became interested in a neighbor who hosted a bible study group in her home. One thing led to another, as her home was in sad shape without the necessary funds to improve it.

In stepped the bible study group, Bayview residents, all. They arranged for Yvonne to visit relatives for a week while they did a makeover, and wow, what a makeover.

When Yvonne walked through the door, she faced an entirely new living room from carpet up to new furniture. Turning toward her kitchen, she observed new cabinets and a brand spanking new kitchen range.

Long having to sleep in her old recliner due to an old back injury, the group obtained a new hospital bed which can mechanically raise and lower both the head and middle of the bed. She slept pain free in it for the first time last night.

This church group didn't just use platitudes, they donated several hundred dollars to make this dream come true. They not only put up the money for new furniture and appliances, they also spent the entire week painting, cleaning and spiffing the place up. As she stepped onto her deck she was greeted to a very nice patio furniture set. If this wasn't a Christian miracle, I've never seen one.

Today, Yvonne Wallis has the start of a new life. Healthy once more, found a Christian life style and now a home that for all intent and purposes is brand new.

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