Thursday, April 25, 2013


We had an unusually sad  week as we lost two long time well known residents.

LaVerne Rickle, widow of Ivan died suddenly of an apparent heart attack last week. Her and her husband operated the Rickle Ranch just south and east of Silverwood prior to their retirement. Just like a clock that keeps perfect time, LaVerne would be at the door waiting at Ralph's if he should show up late for opening. knowing better than to keep her waiting, he was on time. During their lives, Ivan and now LaVerne never had anything bad to say about anyone and conversely, they didn't't have any enemies either. She will, as her late husband, be sorely missed.

The other death was Skip Wilcox. Skip worked tirelessly, contributing to his community. Some of his contributions were always welcome, some were not. At the end of the day, nobody doubted his sincerity nor his dedication whether they agreed with his positions or not. He will also be missed by many.

Although Skip hadn't  lived in Bayview all his life, he settled here after retiring from the U.S Air Force as a Lt. Colonel working in the cold war missile silos. his family goes way back. John Wilcox, his grandfather, owned a two story float house in Bayview with living quarters above and a boat rental business below.

It burned down and was replaced with a single story building after the fire. Chased off the frontage he occupied after another pioneer bought the riparian lots facing him, he promptly purchased the lot just west of the old location and using logs, rolled the house up onto his lot.

He sold out to the Navy when World War 11 came along and the building was subsequently sold again, operating as Boileau's Resort. The old float house is now the Button Hook restaurant, currently closed.

If you wish more of the history of that building and other ownerships, go to for part three, history of Bayview, written by yours truly and assisted greatly by Linda Hackbarth, Bayview's own historian.

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