Monday, April 29, 2013

Double Standards

In reading this morning's Spokesman-Review, an Associated Press reporter gushed over a black jockey, Kenvin Krigger, who is scheduled to ride in the Kentucky Derby. The gushing wasn't about his success as a jockey, or his contribution to society. The gushing was about his race.

In an era that demands that we be blind to sexual orientation, color, ethnic origins, religion and other various things that make us stand out as different, this smug reporter committed the sin of racial prejudice simply by singling him out as a member of one of the above categories, rather than just his accomplishments.

There are so many examples of these double standards that it causes me to wonder if people listen to their own words, or perhaps it is alright to differentiate it you are saying nice things about a racial minority.

Some of the more obvious violations of this taboo, are the Congressional Black Caucus. How do you suppose people, especially the radical left print reporters would react to the formation of a White Caucus.

If equality is our goal, as it should be, then stop singling out individuals or groups based solely on their color, creed or national origins and simply discuss them as Americans.

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