Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston, The Aftermath

All weekend long, the pundits, quasi-experts and uninformed media has inundated us with whether or not to mirandize the remaining suspect in the bombing. This stirred quite a debate which I consider wasted effort.

Miranda, as I understand it was designed to give a suspect the opportunity to not give testimony, or information to investigators that might incriminate them. It is a non issue. They do not need any confession of guilt. The authorities have him cold.

The only reason to question him now is to try to determine whether or not their was others involved, either domestic or Jihadists from abroad. It don't matter if they did or did not mirandize him.

Two things came out of this incident. The first, is no matter how long Islamic immigrants have been in this country, they cannot be trusted. Secondly, we ought to, since we cannot with any accuracy differentiate, cease issuing visas to these creeps. If we are going to allow students from other countries to live here, make it from countries without  a terrorist tradition.

The only good thing about extremist Jihadists is that they can only blow themselves up once. Lets make it a little harder to do that. Stop trying to be their friends and go back to the basics of U.S. Government. Protect public safety. No where in our constitution does making nice with Jihadist assholes trump the protection clause. Shut the doors. We cannot justify a border patrol if we invite them in through the front door.

There have been many examples of trusted Moslems suddenly turning violent screaming Alahu Akbar as they mow down our innocent civilians and or military. (See the Army officer at Ft. Hood)

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