Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Diamond Cup Regatta

Tickets are moving fast and given preferencial seating as they are sold. Don't get left out with tickets to right field. Straightaway tickets are still available at Tickets West, but it isn't too early to order now.

We'll have a full slate of classes with the jet boats, H-1 series, the vintage boats and Grandprix class that use automotive power and are almost as fast as the big boats.

You can park all day at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds for $10 per day and take a shuttle to the race course.

Alcoholic beverages are allowed only in designated beer gardens. This will assure families of a well behaved crowd.

If many of you haven't experienced the thunder boats, the vintage class with Rolls-Merlin engines (from Spitfire fighters) are featured. The boat skips from sid to side on the rear corner of the sponsons and the bottom half of the prop. The top half sticking out of the water creates the huge rooster tails missing in the more modern jet craft.

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