Thursday, March 06, 2014


I'm looking for just one generous soul that is in a position to gift a car to a young couple. Let me explain. There is a disabled young man that recently married his sweetheart, a woman that had given birth to a what is now a 2 year old.

This couple, burdened with a sick child, has no transportation. They are on foot, unable to take the child to a doctor, unable to shop for groceries, unable to work even part time, due to lack of a car.

There is always a person out there that has an older car, that has been replaced, only to reside in the driveway doing nobody any good. If you have such a vehicle and feel either through Christian Charity or just because you are good people, please contact me at: or by phone, 208-683-9107.

This young couple will be blessed, as you will be by passing forward your own good fortune to another, in a never ending circle of giving which actually benefits you more than them. I know. I gave away a car I didn't need to someone who did. I still feel good about doing that. So will you.

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Bay Views said...

They had their last car stolen and had no theft insurance.