Thursday, March 13, 2014


Until I threw my hat into the ring, I didn't connect apathy with the radical slant of the Republican Central Committee. I now realize how they got control. Half the precincts didn't have candidates and voters wouldn't have recognized the name most likely anyway.

What happens is people either check the box for a person running unopposed, or skips it entirely. Here comes the good part. If a precinct doesn't have a committeeman, the Central Committee appoints one, ergo perpetual control of county politics.

I am running in precinct 4 opposing a man that I understand was appointed in that manner. Well, if the folks in Bayview want a more representative person they now have me on the ballot. I am what is sometimes called moderate, though compared of the old days I would be right in the middle of the traditional conservative position.

Now however, we have a power grab which happened not long ago, in which radicals from the far right such as Constitutionalists and  other anti-government groups.

I believe in property rights. The right of a property owner to not be down-zoned, killing value, nor the right to stay rural if the neighborhood wants it that way.    Sometime back there was a tremendous fight over Sanders Beach. The city wanted to steal it and the people across the street that had paid taxes on waterfront wanted to keep their ownership. Sounds logical, yet many progressives went along with this power grab. They even swore that the lake in front of Sanders Beach had a different high water point than the rest of the lake.

These are some of the abuses that government can use in the public interest without the property owner agreeing. This is just one of many issues that I will cover in this blog relating to my core beliefs. I believe a committeeman should represent the electorate, not control anyone.

Above all, even if you don't agree with me, participate. You will have a choice this spring in the May primary. Please support me.Here is a link to a previous blog post which was also published in the Coeur d'Alene Press.

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Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Herb. Lotsa people complain about local politics without providing solutions. I hope you do well and become a problem solver.