Thursday, March 06, 2014


Today I received a call from a prominent Republican that participates actively in Kootenai County politics. Here is what I derived from that conversation.

People all over the county gripe about the Republican Central Committee being to radical. There is a good reason for that. Radicals are driven by God only knows what, but in short, the reason why they control Republican elections in Kootenai county is simple. Radicals work harder at campaigning, so they win by default because the rest of us have lives, and don't need the power trippers.

It all starts at the grass roots, where each precinct elects a representative called Precinct Committeeman. Most of us pass right by that position on the ballot which in many cases is someone you have never heard of.

This campaign started with that knowledge and fully intends to field candidates in the several precincts that then elect the central committee which I have already elplained, controls the whole shoe. An example of that is when the County Clerk recently died, this body was asked to submit three  names for consideration. The law then requires the appointee comes from those three names.

It doesn't take much imagination t realize that all three names were well known ideologues of the far right. obviously,  a balanced list would have included Republicans from several levels of partisanship, with hopefully, sees the public service, not a power trip.

I live in Precinct four, Bayview. This center/right group, which I fit into comfortably, is attempting to replace the Wackos with more moderate representative. I have been asked to run for that office in this election cycle and have agreed to serve.

If you, like many others in our area agree that more reasonable representation is vitally needed. Right now, the Democrats are primarily so far left you can't find them without a guide dog. The same applies to Republicans. Only you and your neighbors can make this change in the way we govern ourselves. I will appreciate your support in this endeavor. So next election, be sure to go to the polls, and when you do you will see "Herb Huseland," on the ballot. Please vote for me.

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Go Herb! -Pat