Friday, March 28, 2014


Jim Brannon is the Kootenai County Clerk, a position he was recently appointed to after the preceding clerk suddenly died. There are many sub-departments under the clerk but I am going to zero in on just one.

The county clerk is  in charge of elections. This position by it's very nature must be very neutral regarding candidacies. I have heard from several very reliable sources that Brannon is running for precinct committeeman and is also running for election to the office he was appointed to and now serves.

Perhaps the most egregious acts reported to me is that he is offering to walk precincts with precinct committeeman, in favor of what ever candidate he and the committeeman are in agreement with'

Another point is why is this elected official electioneering on county time?

I am ot sure about the legal issues,  not being an attorney, but I am slam dunk sure it is a moral one. If this man wants to be elected to this office, it would be real swell if he checked his moral compass. 

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