Tuesday, April 01, 2014


It seems that the neighborhood between Howard Road and Lone Moose Road, are up in arms over an attempt by Verizon to erect a cell tower. It seems that regardless of the need of others, these people are aghast that They might glance over and see the blinking lights on the tower.

Another issue is the proximity of an air field on Howard Road. The obvious danger to aircraft in the area is real.

What isn't, is the attitude of the cellular company. The residents of Bayview and other areas nearby are starving for cell service. Recent offers by both Bayview Sewer & Water District and land owner, Dick Hansen reveal a willingness to have such a tower on their land.

In the mean time, the Log B & B plus neighbors are still bleating over having a cell tower blend in with their trees. I see a smidgen of selfishness here, but hey, I live in Bayview.


Anonymous said...

Verizon has withdrawn their application at this site. SOMEBODY in Bayview needs to contact Verizon & get the ball rolling. :) (no April Fools joke either)

Bay Views said...

There are some folks on top of the issue here.

Norma Jean Knowles said...

There are petition sheets still out as far as I know for the cell tower. Anyone wanting more information should contact Ted and Fay Bare.

Norma Jean

Anonymous said...

If you have DSL and live in a bad reception area this personal home cell tower works great. "I have one and live in the Bayview area".
It works through Frontier DSL just fine...
Just so everyone knows the cell tower in question would not have helped Bayview very much because Bayview would have been out of the line of sight from it.
That tower would have covered HWY 95 and east to Perimeter Rd and was NOT to boost cell service in Bayview.


Anonymous said...

As an added note Dick Hansen's offer and the offer from Bayview Water and Sewer is still being considered. This is not a dead issue.