Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Candidate Meet & Greet

We are holding a meet and greet with several candidates that are running in the primary election May 20. We will meet at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant Wednesday, May 7 at 7:00 pm in Bayview.

This may be your only chance to meet new candidates and some old ones too. Ed Morse will be there along with Fritz Weidenhoff, Laurie Thomas, Tim Herzog and whoever else shows up. Other than Morse, these are candidates for county offices.

The importance of getting to know not only the canddiates, but the issues as well cannot be understated. The "Reasonable Republicans," or traditional if you prefer is attempting an all out campaign to oust the Constitutionalists or Rally right extremists from  local offices.

We got rid of Phil Hart, who had disgraced himself and embarrassed the Republican Party, but there are more. These people want to repeal your right to vote for US Senator and hand it back to state legislatures as it was during the nation's early days. This is know as the 17th amendment to the constitution.

They also believe in returning to the gold standard and "nullification." Nullification is the term for shedding federal government from the state of Idaho. This would mean civil war, as it did during the 1800's. Obviously none of these issues will win out, but while other office holders are dilligently doing their jobs, these kooks are addressing issues that require a constitutional act which is somewhere between a waste of taxpayers time and money, and an impossible dream.

The candidates attending this meet and greet are all reasonable republicans. Come on down and let them tell you what's happening.

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