Monday, April 07, 2014


The co-founder of Mozilla, a very successful internet  entity, Firefox was forced out of his position as Mozilla CEO. Brendan Eich who's imagination and tenacity made Firefox the nation's most popular internet window was forced out because six years ago, 2008, he donated $1000 to a political group that supported heterosexual marriage.

It was pointed out by a conservative wag tonight that even Obama in 2008 favored only a man and a woman as a legitimate marriage. This, fascist, lynch mob attack on an honorable man not because he didn't perform his duties properly, but because he fell to the groundswell of righteous same sex proponents of marriage.

I am not coming out in favor of banning any marriages between two consenting adults. (with a possible exception to marriages between brother and sister.) How about  the church of later day saints. Will they explore a return to poligamy? After all, the U.S. Government forced Utah to ban pluralistic marriages as the price of statehood.That principle is out the window for sure.

It isn't good enough for these people that won their fight for legality to just marry. Now they are hell bent for apparently outlawing the rest of us. Attitudes change, but in one generation we are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. What gave the liberal press and their ilk the right to essentially change everything that has gone before in order to achieve liberties that our founding fathers would have not even thought an issue.

Sudenly families don't matter, regigious people are being ridiculed and values no longer count. I would bet that a majority of homosexuals and lesbians would be aghast at the ouster of this inovater just because he donated money where his values lie.

The danger here isn't Mr. Eich's beliefs. It is that an entire civilization is teetering at the abyss, throwing out long standing values without a new road map to take it's place.  I am totally against, not persons of non-standard sexuality. I believe these folks were born this way and did not choose.  Having said that, they do not have a license for revolutionary war either. And is it they that did this, or was it the ultra-liberal mantra that pervades in silicon valley and the rest of that pit of  revolutionaries.

The sixties have caught up with us even more disruptively than we thought back then. The permissive attitude that ;prevailed carried on to parenthood, now nothing is sacred anymore. Not even the sacred.


Anonymous said...

You assume that everyone was born as a homosexual. Were you aware that there are several very scientific studies that were peer reviewed (that show emphatically that there is at least some learned component? How might one find this out? (One need) merely conduct a scientifically controlled study of the adopted children of gay couples. One such study was conducted by the University of Texas, but you have probably not heard about it - the University was threatened by GLTB rights groups (but did not back down). The conclusions from the Texas study - a 1200% (12X) increase in declared homosexual lifestyle from the children of homosexual couples. Peer reviewed, scientific, ...but absent from the US media (who are not much better than prostitutes). If some component of a homosexual lifestyle is in fact learned, I do not want these people opening prosthletizing my children. It is OK for them to engage them under a blanket of indifference (not being out and recruiting subjects). However, I oppose opening championing of their lifestyle if, in fact, a component is learned. 1200% is too big a risk.

Ask Mark Regnerus (and the University of Texas) when you publish a highly peer-reviewed study that does NOT align with the views of progressives:

Here is another link (seldom shared - although not scientific with peer review):

Bayview community member

Bay Views said...

I posted your lengthy comment in the spirit of fairness. I disagree with the premise that homosexuality is a learned thing.

Bay Views said...

I had another thought. You quoted a Catholic source. (tongue firmly in cheek) Would it then follow that priests entered the church and were taught pedophilia?

Anonymous said...

I tipped my toe into this subject a couple of times with friends at work. I lean in favor of not touching this subject with a ten foot pole or pen. I do however concur that the civil rights movement has taken several steps backwards, unfortunately. I don't think Dr. Martin Luther King meant that freedom from prejudice should be taken to the lengths that the GLTB has taken their opinions. If I chose, as a business, owner not to bake a cake for wedding, I don't think anyone should have the basis for a lawsuit, Okay my toes are more than wet now.