Saturday, April 05, 2014

Flight 370

The constant press coverage of the loss of flight 370 has kind of turned into a hysterical need for news. that the entire search is being held in ridicule due to the old "Calling Wolf," syndrome.

The coupling of diverse countries not used to coordinating, has made the search even more bizarre.

Finally, the hard news of the frequency of the pings from the flight recorders has everyone cautious.
The frequency of 37.5 is one that is not replicated in any other use. If the Chinese ship picked up the  signals from this place, it is a known factor, not a rumour. This frequency was chosen so that other radio influences and biologicals would not interfere.

The bottom line is how helpful the Chinese are in sharing specific coordinates. The world wide use of the satellite system of navigation is very precise. Triangulating signals should not be a problem, unless, the Chinese use this as a political tool. We have only 2 or 3 days before the batteries will have died.

We can only hope that the Chi-Coms do not have an unusual plan.

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