Thursday, April 10, 2014


Yesterday's declaration that those in the GOP are all KKK members or sympathizers was a sorry end to a great athlete's career. How any objective person come up with this conclusion says litle about logical conclusions and perhaps more about dementia of an 80 year old.

I have been a fan of three great players, all of which played during my adult lifetime. Hammering Hank, Willie Mays and most of all, Jackie Robinson. They were/are all black. I have never thought about race when picking favorites. That he spun this frustration and bitterness, however deserved, does not do him as proud as the career he had under, yes, some terrible racial prejudice.

That many on Huckleberries chose to either spin it into another area, rather than objectively stayed on the issue, was  sad. I thought there were more sensible people on the blog than were observed.

I did not question his great career, nor his fight against racial prejudice. The point was, "are all Republicans that oppose President Obama members of KKK." That so many thought to dodge this in favor of shooting at the right is a testimony to the rank prejudice of the left against any beliefs other than theirs even to the extent of falsifying an issue.

I am a Republican. I am not a racist. I have never belonged to, or sympathized with the KKK. I dislike the president on his own lack of merit, not the color of his skin. This was the issue, not any other that some chose to spin. Disagree with me? Fine. Call me names? not fine.

Yesterday and today showed that there are more people that need to get a life than I ever thought before.

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