Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I read her obituary today and just didn't see Mom there. I called her Mom, but she was actually the mother of Ralph Jones, owner of Ralph's Coffee House and Eatery in Bayview, Idaho. Since she moved to Bayview from her prior home in California she has been a fixture in Bayview.

She loved to gamble at the Coeur d'Alene Casino, watch Mariner games and just hang out at Ralph's. She hit a jackpot for several hundred dollars just days before she was felled by Pneumonia, and went quickly with her family at her side. Just three days previously she was holding court at Ralph's Café.

People that didn't know her would be in a world of hurt if they spoke ill of son Ralph when she was present. They were either very brave or very foolish. Mom was extremely loyal and in addition to being Ralph's Mom was was also his best friend and cheer leader. In her mind Ralph could do anything.  She was usually right.

Mom died at a ripe age of 90 years old.  She smoked incessantly throughout her life, but it never affected her health until of course the end. Blanche will be carried home to California by her son Ralph later this week where she will spend eternity next to her husband Bryon who died in 1984.

Up until I first met Blanche I never called anyone Mom but my own. Somehow it just seemed natural. Mom, you will be missed by many.

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