Friday, April 18, 2014


I was greatly surprised that when logging on to Friday, there at the top was a ringing endorsement of my precinct committeeman campaign. Along with the very nice things said about me, was a photo of my campaign signs which I had shared with Dave Oliveria, moderator of the blog.

Aside from an ex wife or two, I seem to be gathering some momentum here. You may ask, why such a big deal over a bottom rung office of precinct committee person? Here's why. The 70 precincts in Kootenai County form as a group called the Kootenai County Central Committee. Since four years ago, reasonable republicans, or traditional if you wish, were bushwhacked.

A large contingent of the members of both Libertarian and Constitutional party members, realizing that they were in the minority by a bunch, invaded Kootenai County, entered the precinct races pretty  much unopposed,  then re-registered as Republicans. Kind of like the wolf in sheep's clothing of nursery rhymes fame.

The central committee had successfully been invaded and occupied. Some of their issues are, repeal of the 17th amendment to the U.S Constitution. This is to reverse a citizen's right to vote directly for U.S. Senator. The good old boys in the state legislature want to take that right back that was only popular in early days of our country because of ancient travel and communications problems.

Then there is Nullification. Don't recognize the term? Nullification is what the south fought the civil war over. The right of a state to overrule the federal government. Actually we already have the right to self rule in those areas that the states haven't ceded their authority to the feds.

These are state and county candidates for office, not for the U.S. house or senate. While being paid to do the state or county business, they are tilting at windmills in a way not seen for over 100 years. Wasting the public's time on issues they cannot win. These are what I sometimes refer to as Wackos. People who have lost track of reality.

There are other issues, but this one is why I am seriously running for precinct committeeman along with a ground swell of traditional party members that want to reclaim their party. I'll have more as we approach the all important closed Republican primary, which is another issue.

If you still think you don't make a difference then this is what your legacy will be.

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