Friday, November 21, 2014


In my mind, the most important aspect of President Obama's unilateral act of legalizing the residency of 5 million people will be liberal tainted voter fraud.

Connect the dots. First you import 5 million residencies, then throughout the country, courts are knocking down voter  identification rules that were opposed as being unfair to minorities.

Here in Idaho, all you need is a drivers license and a utility bill showing that you actually live in the precinct.

As I understand it, several states including California are issuing drivers licenses to undocumented non-citizens. No birth certificate required.

This is the biggest con I have ever seen in government corruption. It isn't about jobs. Most farmers are crying for laborers while fruit and vegetables rot in the fields and orchards.

It is about perpetuating the socialist trends in the Democratic Party by stacking the deck.

I don't remember which statesman made this comment, but paraphrased, it boiled down to this: When the people receiving government services outnumber those that are paying for them, this country will have lost it's collective freedom.

The Congress of the United States need to take back control from Emperor Obams who delights in ruling by fiat. We are in deep trouble, folks.

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