Thursday, November 06, 2014


The most telling thing after the tidal wave of rejection the democrats received, is they still can't shut up. They believe their inherent intelligence and knowledge trumps the reasons that the electorate firmly rejected the Democratic program from Obama on down through the legislative bottleneck in the Senate. Only the stupid, the news media, (wow, really?) and those that were bought and paid for voted against them. Hogwash. They cannot possibly believe in their own propaganda.

Whining does not make you right, it just proves that if you believe in something you should support it at the polls. This mid term election was the largest political repudiation of a political left wing redistribution of wealth in my lifetime. When I despaired of the chances that common sense would break out, I misjudged the situation.

Blogs such as the Spokesman-Review Huckleberries has been hijacked by a couple dozen liberals that make such a forum appear that they lead in opinion. Not so. The intelligent conservative just stopped trading opinions with the shrill overly emotional mode of debate.

Starting a debate response by suggesting that others are stupid, uninformed and worst, begs the question that instead they should just state their views in a non-corrosive way. So what we have, is a lopsided debate from the left with just two or three conservatives participating. This vote total belies their entire argument. Rather than attempting to debate with quarrelsome people that wouldn't agree which direction the sun comes up from, it just makes sense to quit participating as a victim in your own hatchet job.

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