Tuesday, November 18, 2014


For several weeks I've not had a picture on SWX, just sound. I decided it was time to solve the mystery. First I called KHQ. They said," no problem, we show a picture going out here. It must be a problem with Time-Warner Cable."

OK, fine. I called Time Warner. One customer service Representative told me it was a problem with my box. The next call was the opposite. No it couldn't be the box, we'll send out a technician They made an appointment for five days later, and told me to check often to see if the picture came back.

The day arrived. The picture was still missing after several weeks.  The repairman was puzzled and made repeated calls to the inside technicians. Finally he comes back in the house to tell me that KHQ had quietly discontinued the analog  system and just broadcasts digital High Resolution now. That my friends  is a good trick when a broadcaster fakes out a cable company.

Apparently I was the only complaint, since they kept saying they had no other customer complaints. A strange ending to a strange problem. One wonders if KHQ lowered the price they charge to Time-Warner. Such is the digital era.

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