Wednesday, November 12, 2014


If you look at Sub-Saharan Africa as well as the northern territories, many countries consist of tribes that do not get along. Centuries old animosities separate these people into tribal enclaves. A country that is divided into tribal areas will not survive as a country with a central government.

Look at the Congo and surrounding tribal areas. The worst thing Belgians and other European countries did was grant them independence without a training period. No educated class, just jungle and spears that determine who rules the roost.

When Gadafi was overthrown, the country separated into warring tribal factions. Perhaps even Morocco could be in that class even though they have a stable monarchy. Originally, the Berbers called Morocco home. In later years, Arabic people moved in.

We will have either dictators or Anarchy. Counties divided by tribal loyalties will never be at peace.

The last European country to be tribal was Germany which bound by a common language managed many years ago to centralize, but the still refer to themselves as Hessians, or Bavarians, etc.

The bottom line is we have to stop trying to model other countries with other social imperatives after our own nation. It won't work and in many cases we will hand over control to the leased civilized group.  

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