Monday, November 24, 2014


When the president of the United States and his lackey, the attorney general of the U.S. rush to judgement it is important to remember that this was a racist act. Not a thoughtful occasion where they were supposed to calm people and teach restraint, they reverted to the jungle warfare of the 60's.

I was in Los Angeles during the Watts Riots, and worked about two miles from the crap going on. I was armed with a loaded weapon in my car, since in some cases if a white motorist was stopped at a light, the rioters would pull them out of their vehicles.

It would seem that with racist agitators like Al Sharpton and his ilk inciting and organizing these riots that according to the locals were mostly from other areas, was a well organized crime. Please do not use the inaccurate term Civil Disobedience First, if it is civil, then it isn't disobedient. If it is disobedient, then a crime has been committed.

If you wish to believe that across our country, hundreds of protesters just happened to be in the area, I've got a bridge for sale. (cheap.)

This, along with other riots of this type are well organized, with professional signs that obviously were pre-prepared well in advanced of the verdict. It must be stated that at least four members of the Grand Jury are black. I point this out because not all blacks take to the streets when things aren't   to their liking. The vast majority are law abiding citizens that do not burn down their own town.

It is time to indict the agitators, such as Sharpton and even the U.S. Attorney General, who clearly prejudged the event.

When I was in Southern California in the '60's, the black protesters burned down Watts. Their own neighborhoods. This type of action has a momentum all it's own. This city too, will burn to the ground. These citizens of Ferguson will have to drive further  for groceries and other services, because outside agitators destroyed their city.

All because they didn't understand why a 160 pound cop that had already been beaten severely by a 300 pound young punk, retaliated with the only weapon he had, when the assailant turned back toward him to finish the deal.

Police are taught to never draw a weapon unless they intend to use it. When they do, they are taught not to shoot once then blow the smoke out of the barrel, but to empty the clip. Only in the movies do you shoot to wound.

I wonder if some or even many of the rioters have names like Mohammed or Amad? Why would ISIS pass up an opportunity like this?

The wounds in Missouri, will linger well past  the time of rebuilding. In one scene I witnessed on TV, A circle of residents surrounded the front of a store that was being looted. Sad that more didn't care to defend their community. One that will never be the same unless the black population buys into justice.

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