Friday, January 11, 2008

Bob Turns 50

Actually, I will achieve the age of 70 in about two months. Easter Sunday, to be exact. This is not to be confused with aging. Years ago, I decided that growing up was over rated. I haven't changed my mind. I have gone through several incarnations professionally, and have decided that the North Idaho thing fits me best. A great guy, Richard Dunkel, now deceased, once told me that folks in Idaho, didn't have careers, they had gigs. I retired from the Real Estate Mortgage Business about seven or eight years ago, to find that first, I didn't have enough money to sail the French Riviera. I stopped, thought, then realized I could enjoy the same things here, without the accents.

Since then, I have sold office furniture, made salads in a restaurant, wrote articles for the Spokesman-Review, and still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. Right there is the problem. Everyone thinks that you ought to grow up. You don't. Just lean into the wind, and sale past the little bumps in the road. Maturity is a farce.

For every activity that you find you can't do anymore, there are others that didn't previously occur to you that take their place. Bob, you will make a fine old crank.


Anonymous said...

"Bob Turns 50"

Who is Bob and what is the heck does it have to do with your story?

Are you on the sauce already?

Bay Views said...

Actually, happy hour doesn't start for another hour. While I'm not on the sauce yet, I was remiss in not identifying "Bob." Bob is a fellow blogger and was featured in Huckleberries, as bemoaning turning fifty. I pointed out, that as you know, I haven't grown up yet, and I'm almost 70.