Friday, January 25, 2008

Third Anniversary Post

Total visits since 1-27-2005: 24,532

Total page views same period: 43,193

Thank you for your support!

These are two of the posts that I wrote during the first week of this blog. My fourth anniversary is Sunday, the 27th. I thought I'd share a couple of my first attempts at on-line journalism. The picture? just because it was fun, and how many other North Idaho bloggers can say they rode a camel, She was cute, too, don't you think? Kinda reminds me of my third wife.
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Thursday, January 27, 2005
Bloggers anonymous

At an after hours session yesterday, at the Spokesman-Review,editors Ken Sands and Dave Oliveria attempted to council us folks that are blog addicted. This session was crafted in the hope that we would all go forth and do good in our community. We learned a lot, but honestly folks, after building this ant-hill, how are they going to train the ants ...

Monday, January 31, 2005
In The Spokesman-Review today

U.S. Fish & Wildlife co-ordinator, Ed Bangs in an interview. "You can classify Wolves as anything you want but predators"...Duh? How about wildlife disposal units?...

An excited Iraqi after voting yesterday ... Hamid Azazi, 57 said, "Even if I was dead, I would still participate!" ... Hamid, are you sure you don't live in Seattle?

In Huckleberries ..."I left my dollar for salami home". My Mariner heart fluttered, until I realized he was not talking about grand-slam homers ...

Psst! Based on chapter 24, of "Undaunted Courage", a book by noted historian,
Stephen Ambrose, Toby, or "Old Toby" was the nickname of an old Shoshone that guided the expedition through the Bitterroot Mountains ...
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Oh, and a big hand for Family Phil, who was my first commenter, welcoming me to the zoo.


Phil said...

And I'll be the first to say "Happy Anniversary!"

You were the first blogger I met, other than DFO, at that long-ago first blogfest at the S-R building. Remember that? You, me, Kristin Hoppe, Bill and Lisa McCrory... Who else was there? Not many.

Bay Views said...

Oops! counting on the fingers of one hand, I realized, after DFO's prompting, that it is only my third anniversary. Time flies when you are having fun. Four years ago, I was, at this time of year,on my infamous road trip across this great nation, and thankfully, back again.

MarmiteToasty said...

WOW 3 years...... well, congratulations :) do we get cake lol

Time does fly, sometime in Feb I will of been blobbing 1 year..... blimey.... I was pushed and shoved into the blob world by DFO, JBelle, GreenLib and Toadie.... they have a bloody lot to answer for :)

Please make it chocolate cake :) or orange cake...