Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Moose Is Loose

photos by Ralph Jones and John Ely

Entertainment in Bayview this time of year tends to be a little simpler than Summer venues. Currently, We are entertaining a Bull Moose that has taken up residency in Town. Originally, from a distance, most thought it to be a cow. Close-ups reveal the stubs of shed antlers. Seen periodically from a mile or so West on Perimeter, to the downtown residential area, he seems quite tame. According to Chip Corsi of Idaho Fish & Game, this is not true. Moose tend to be placid unless aroused, when they can turn on a person, a car, or even a railroad locomotive. The trick is obviously not to arouse one.

In a recent conversation with Corsi, he said, "I'm going to go out on a limb, and say that Moose are more dangerous than Bear." (Including Grizzlies)He went on to tell me that they cannot be domesticated, and can eat out of your hand one day, and stomp you to death the next. It is so dangerous to train one to hang out and beg food, that the Department of Fish & Game are in the process of attempting capture and relocation.

Relocating a moose can be fatal for the animal, since darting them with a tranquilizer sometimes causes death. If that method fails, then they will kill the animal before it can become a problem. The moral of this story, is do not approach one closely, nor attempt to hand feed this or other wild game. They may get violent over you simply running out of whatever you have been providing. Moose have absolutely no fear of humans, which differentiates them from most all other wild animals found in this country.

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Smokey said...

The stupidity of many residents in Bayview never ceases to amaze me.
Many of them feed wild animals such as deer, moose, and bear.

Unfortunately the people that eventually get hurt or killed probably aren't the ones guilty of feeding the animals.

Grow up people and leave the wildlife alone and keep them wild!