Monday, January 28, 2008

Local Happnins

Well, let's see. Oh yes, it snowed. Here in Bayview, that's not unusual, but the packed house at the Wheel for the mid-winter beach party was. Considering the weather, which could have been worse, but exacerbated by the State and Lakes Highway's unwillingness to pay overtime for week-end snow removal, roads did get a little testy. I took a run up through Farragut to check out the roads. They were passable, but getting worse. What I did see, though, was over 500 Cub, Boy and eagle scouts, camping out in their annual Klondike Derby.

This year, they got reality. The scouts build dog sleds, then are taught to equip them with camping and survival gear. Way stations, somewhat like geo-caches, named after towns and villages along the Iditirod trail were located by GPS carried by scouts, as they went from location to location. At each stop, a lesson in survival was taught. Back at the campground, the reality was being experienced. Friday night, they recorded minus 4 degree temps. Saturday and Sunday, they were buried in snow. An additional 10 or so inches fell on a base of 8 or 9 inches, to give the camp out over 18 inches of snow. By Sunday morning, the park was back to normal, the Captain's Wheel was quiet, and I experienced a computer virus.

I have AVG free as an anti-virus program. It cheerfully announced with a red banner, that I had a virus in the Kodak downloading program. Scratch pictures for a while. My question is, if AVG knew that a virus had invaded, why didn't they stop it? I put it in a place called a vault, where they told me the virus was captive. They just didn't tell me how to eliminate it. I deleted my Kodak easy share program, then deleted the most recent picture down load. Now I can't download pics and I don't know if I still have a virus or not. Suggestions are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

First street among many others, in Bayview were plowed this weekend!

LHD rocks!