Thursday, January 24, 2008

Small World

Having been Karaoke starved for months, since no business in Bayview has it anymore, I decided to check around. Now, the Crossroads in Athol features a very good Karaoke set, but starts too late for my taste. I ran into a fellow singer at the Captain's Wheel a while back, who told me that a new bar, Rusty's in Hayden, had Karaoke and it starts at 7:00 pm.

I recalled that an old friend, Kim Gittle, a Summer resident of Bayview,had started the business, after entering and winning a lottery for new liquor licenses. I called him, verified the info and promised to show up Wednesday, last night. Kim was there and introduced me to a vaguely familiar face, as the karaoke hostess. We went through the where do I know you from, back and forth. Finally, I said, "well, my picture is in the paper a lot. Bingo. It turned out that Renee, hostess extrordinaire, works at the front desk in the spokesman-Review Coeurd'Alene office.

Most great undiscovered musicians have day jobs. Renee is no exception. Oh, by the way, she is an extraordinary singer. She even yodels. I'll be back next Wednesday, you can bet on it. Oh, yet another example of a small world, I ran into friends of friends of mine, Nancy and her guy friend, Drew. I'll just call her Nancy Drew for want of a better reminder. Drew also remembered me from when I was the Conductor/Entertainer on the Silverwood train. (that could happen again, if everything works out.

Nancy, the bar manager, was very gracious, and lest I forget, Tonya, the bartender,faced with over 35 guests, never missed a beat. Friendly, charming, and always there to check on everyone's needs. Folks this is a class joint. AND, it's a no smoking bar, too. Located in the strip mall on Orchard, between Government Way, and Highway 95. Phone, 772-2400.

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