Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Day (Again)

I'm writing this primarily for my friends that are snow birding in Arizona. Last week-end, Bayview got over a foot of new snow. Starting tonight, we'll go for 30 hours of snow, predicted to be 6-10 inches in the valleys and 18 inches in the mountains. Just another snow day. Lakeland School district closed Monday, opened Tuesday, then sent students home early, as snow kept piling up.

They, along with a long list of Spokane area schools are closed again today. Having said that, we aren't experiencing rain like you are in Arizona. I can see it now in Wellton. Everyone huddled around the stove at the VFW, drinking Captain Morgans and wondering when the rain will stop. Then there's those dastardly 70 degree temps to put up with. It's enough to bore you to death.

Burlington Northern lost track of an engine that was towing cars along the Northwest Blvd. tracks. Seems that at about the road leading into the Sewer treatment plant, the engine hit a snow berm that derailed it. I suppose that is natural, since the derailer was invented just down the street at the Iron Horse. Hmmm. I wonder if BN will gripe about the snowplow berms that the city plowed up?

Here, however, we have skating rinks, (Pretty much everywhere) sledding hills, (same) and native drivers acting like Californians, barreling down Highway 95 with their SUV's at 65 MPH or more, shouting for everyone to get out of the way. We need sand. Not for traction, but so we can see where the damn road is. White-outs have become the norm, as our Winter weather has reverted to the Idaho of old. It just isn't nice to take Mother Nature for granted. ...

Many folks around here, including me, talk about '68-69, or '91-92, or Icestorm '96. We aren't through with this Winter yet, but if things go as they have recently, for much longer, we will have '07-08 to brag/bitch about too, not to mention the floods that will occur at Lake Coeur d'alene and Lake Pend Oreille.

So, having painted this picture, I think I'll dodge down to Hayden, croak a little Karaoke at Rusty's, then slide home just ahead of tonight's monster storm prediction.

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