Thursday, July 31, 2008

Athol Daze 2008

Athol Daze are here again with a bigger, better lineup of entertainment. Saturday, August 9 marks the 99th year that Athol has been a city. Born in 1909, Athol is one year younger than her neighbor, Spirit Lake, which is holding their Centennial this year. Big things are in store for the celebration.

Featured as the number one accomplishment of the City, is the dedication of the enhancement of city Park from a vacant lot to a major league playground. Built mostly with donations and grants this park features a skate board park that ran over $20,000 and the newest attraction, a play station built with a $26,000 grant from Trans-Canada Pipeline. Just finished July 23, the first of many children were seen cavorting on, in and about the newest attraction. Washed gravel one foot thick covers the area of the slides and ladders to cushion any falls that may occur.

Starting off the activities for Athol Daze, will be a parade through town ending at the park. Lineups for the parade is at 9:00 am with the parade at 10:00. Entries for the parade, or for booths for the park must register with city hall, 683-2101. The parade will start behind the school on Davis Lane, then turn left onto highway 54 then left again at City Hall to the park. Awards for the parade entries will be around 11:00 following the end. Some of the events at the park are yet to be determined, but Money in the Straw, which was a great success last year will be first right after the parade. This event will be open to kids from one to 12 in different age groups. Metal detectors are prohibited, as well as parental assistance.

Various contests, such as Watermelon and pie eating contests are also planned. Booths with food and games will abound throughout the park. The annual benefit auction will be held at Noon and is expected to last until around 1:30 pm. Music will be performed by the Bell Family from 1:30 through 4pm with a break of two in between. The Bells, a home grown family are arguably the most talented musical family in the area, if not the state. The annual cakewalk will be at 2:00 pm. A pinata will be assaulted sometime during the festivities with children flocking to the resulting cascade of candy. Some of the events are still in the planning stage and may not appear. Others not mentioned might pop up. Many other children’s games will be played throughout the day, with everything winding up around 4:00 pm.

Following the festivities in the park, the American Legion, Post 149 will host a jam session under the gazebo in back of the club starting at 4:00 pm. All musicians are invited. Your host will be the irrepressible “Jeanne and the Good time Party Boys.” Last year the legion sponsored an old timers jam that was a huge success.

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