Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It is with great regret that I posted the dirty laundry of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce a few days ago. Since that post there have been several horribly twisted comments,blatant untruths and actions by a few member/officers of the Chamber. At present, nobody seems to want to just talk about truth and facts. Having said that, I am not going to at this time, throw gasoline on the fire, in hopes that logic and truth will prevail.

If it doesn't, and I feel the issues need some light shined on them again, I will do so, even with the knowledge that harm will be done. The reason? Because much more harm can be done by power struggles without justice, than I could ever do by merely going public. Sorrow prevails at this time.


Bay Views said...

I rejected a comment on this post, not because of the content. It was inaccurate, but it came from an obvious insider, perhaps one of the small group railroading Ralph Jones. I felt that to publish it anonymously was wrong. If the author wishes to resubmit under their own name, i will post it.

Norma Jean said...

Herb I appreciate the fact that you are trying to air an issue that maybe went sideways but I have to agree with your comments that the rules need to be stated clearly before not after the fact. If Ralph's possible winning would have presented a problem the ticket never should have been sold to him! Cheez.

Norma Jean

Anonymous said...

Norma Jean,
Ralph was the one selling the tickets and bought one of the remaining unsold tickets. He sold it to himself.

Anonymous said...

Norma Jean has exposed the obvious! If the rules do not allow Ralph Jones to receive the winnings from the raffle, then why was the ticket sold to Ralph Jones?
Herb, if you are able to research and find the answer, please let us know. This really seems to simplify the situation.