Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bayview Daze 2008 Is Over

Thousands crammed into the little lake side village of Bayview for the 4th week-end festivities. As usual, the fireworks and main entertainment venues concentrated on Saturday the 5th. We had fun, we had confusion, we had the 25th Division Idaho National Guard Band in our parade, but in Bayview,unlike Coeur d'Alene, we didn't march as political parties. Everyone in the parade marched as Americans. I found it rather strange, even bazaar, that almost all the comments on Huckleberries about the Coeur d'Alene parade revolved around a pissing contest as to which political party had the most fun, were the loudest, and/or were outnumbered. Rather than concentrate on the purpose of the celebration (for those that are so wrapped up in partisanship, that would be celebrating our independence from England. Methinks some peoples priorities need looked at. Perhaps adults were barred from attending.

Arguably the largest parade ever, the band made a huge difference. Even with the changing of leadership from Liz Justus and Lorraine Landwehr as parade directors, to Ralph Jones, and the Street bazaar from Jackie Orth to Cindy Post and Kathy Ellis, it was a grand day, or days. As usual, the streets were so clogged with parked cars, (some even legally) that driving was at least third choice. Walking took over. While there is always someone from out of town that gets drunk and ends up as a guest of Rocky Watson, for the most part, Bayview was trouble free. Pictured above, are Charlie Bell, leader of the band, and further down, twin Bell sisters, Nellie & Emily ... or maybe Emily & Nellie, with their babies. Married within two months of each other, birthing their children with two months of each other, it appears they pretty much do everything together.

We had a magnificent lighted boat parade, followed by a 50% increased fireworks show over last year. The largest dollar wise and people wise three days of the year found local businesses dragging with fatigue, but packing home the money necessary to make it through yet another North Idaho winter. I'll have more in my Thursday column in the "Prairie Voice" section of the spokesman-Review. Mean while, sit back and check the pictures out.

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Anonymous said...

I have to extend a thank you to those responsible for the activities. It was in all respects a grand week-end!