Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who Are You

Writing a blog as a neighborhood news source gives me great pleasure, though occasionally does not for the few that manage to willfully step in the smelly stuff. My take on that is that if one does something odorific and I write about it, poetic justice is served. Most of the feedback I get, however, and I am using this post to reminisce, is from people that have been to Bayview, or live here part time and want to keep up with whats going on. The occasion for reminiscing is that I noticed yesterday that my site counter had logged over 60,000 page views since I started this back in January of 2005.

To be precise, I have had up to this minute, 60,332 page views and 35,002 visits in that time. For a hobby journalist, these numbers are overwhelming. I haven't given too much time to figuring out the whys of it, it just is. People visit from all over the world, though most are from the USA. All over the USA.

This week I printed out the site meter stats and studied them. some IP's were like old friends, even though I don't have a clue who they are. Others, I know precisely who and where they are. I admit to being very curious, not about the casual pop from someone that found me through a key word used in a Google search, but the repeat visits from all over the U.S. Today, one was from London, England. I know who that is, because Dr. Land sat next to me at the Captain's Wheel before he flew back to England last week. Another was from Melbourne, Australia. I haven't a clue who that was.

Stillwater,Oklahoma would be my good friends from Silverwood that moved back to Oklahoma City. Las Vegas? Not a clue. Anchorage, Alaska? Possibly my ex-wife, a charming redhead working for the county last time I heard. Chicago? no clue, as well as Dallas, Texas; Eden, Utah; Billings, Montana; Gilbert Arizona; Sherwood, Oregon; San Jose, California; Wilmington, Delaware;Kansas City Missouri; Fredricksburg,Virginia;Blue Gap, Arizona; Poughkeepsie, N.Y, a repeat visitor.

Others are Hollywood, Florida; Davenport, Washington; Oakesdale, Washington; Yakima,Washington; San Francisco; Ithica, NY; and many others. These were gleaned just from today and yesterday. Visits from all of Europe and Australia, the middle east, North Africa, even Iran once.

What I would like to do is hear from some of these people, especially those that repeatedly visit. You can e-mail me privately at: Bayviewherb@gmail.com. It would be almost like pen pals of yesterday to become acquainted with some of you. For those that are curious about some of these originations, the site meter logo shows at the bottom of my blog page. Scroll down and click on the logo. I have not privatized it and the information is there for any interested part to see. You can, of course, comment directly on the blog, however, if you wish to remain anonymous, e-mail me direct.

Shining a light on good things is a pleasure. Shining a light on back room shenanigans is not, but that is where a light needs most urgently to be shined. In the mean time, I will try hard to stick to the tried and true rules: When, what, why, Where,and How. I posted a picture of Bayview for those that wish they were here. Stay tuned ... Oh, and the second picture is for those of you that winter elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Everson, WA. Just south of the canadian border along the coast. Used to live in Sandpoint and wish I had never moved back to NW WA! Had a good friend who lived in Bayview and fell in love with area. He worked for the ARD as security. I read HBO daily and popped over to your site from there. Christy

Kendra said...

Hey Sweet (I refuse to add on the "Sour") Herb- I congratulate you on your widespread popularity. You have a lot to offer the online community, and shed some wonderful light on your little slice of paradise. Can you tell I love Bayview?
Dunno if you see my IP all that often, but I have added you to my new blogroll that I finally got around to installing on Soul Doubt; you're also on my Google Reader, so sometimes I read your posts without ever actually hitting your site. Funny how that technology works, but cool anyhow.
Anyway, keep up the "blogging at the speed of light" as DFO would say!