Monday, July 21, 2008

Fires Are Happening

Timberlake fire District was called out for a small fire in Bayview, late this afternoon. The fire is out. Timberlake fire district snapped to in a hurry and limited the fire to about a 20' x 20' space. In the middle was a playhouse built by kids who were seen running away. Suspects may have been playing with matches and it got away.
It reminds me when I was very young, and we had an old roman candle in the basement. My buddy and I took it deep into a brushy area so nobody would see us light it. After we did the traditional git, we looked back to see a huge fire chasing us. Never did that again. Hope these kids won't either.

New fire chief, Jack Krill was first on the scene, but the fire was so small yet, they initially had trouble spotting it. All is well, at least until the next one. There is an abundance of fuel in the area, helped by the wet spring we've had. Bayview has been extremely lucky, combined with knowledgeable residents that we haven't had a serious wild fire in the last few years. Jack tells us that they have been very busy the last week.

On scene was Kevin Elmore, looking terribly innocent. Kevin does the annual fireworks display in Bayview during Bayview Daze. I explained to the chief that one of his volunteers was a pyrotechnician, and needed to be watched carefully.


Anonymous said...

A good reporter would have said where the fire was located maybe? :)

Bay Views said...

Well, I've been exposed. You are right. A good reporter would have, had he not got in too much of a hurry. It was located on the south side if Perimeter, across from Meriweather Road, back in the grassy area where a kids camp was at.

Bay Views said...

In the quest for accuracy, we acknowledge the error in spelling of Elmore's name. Hereafter, Kevin Elmore will be known as Kermit Elmore.