Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hurricane Ike

It is ironic that this storm is called Ike, since the evacuations that will take place will be over what they, in the south, call the Eisenhower freeways. All of the original interstates were empowered by the Eisenhower administration, and of course, the congress of those times. It is perhaps interesting, that while throughout the south, signs liberally dot the freeways, proclaiming this fact, none in the north acknowledge this great president and general as the benefactor.

For those too young to remember Dwight Eisenhower, or his presidency, many called him the do nothing president. The reason was that the perception of him was that of a sloth that slid his way through eight years. In reality, he just wasn't a publicity hog. As a General commanding the entire war in Europe and North Africa, he was used to delegating responsibilities to lower echelons of command then letting them run with the ball, so to speak. He forced the interstate system through a reluctant congress, who thought it was unconstitutional. It may well have been, but under the guise of national defense, he declared these super highways as defense installations for the purpose of moving troops and equipment rapidly to the ports of embarkation on both coasts. He got away with it, and the nation no longer had to put up with two lane highways running across the country such as route 66, highway 99 and others.

I am posting this about Ike, as a friend and long time Bayview resident, Malcolm Lowry, now resides in Spring, a city just a little north of Houston, and in an apparent direct path of Ike. I contacted Malcolm and asked him to give me regular updates on the progress of this violent hurricane. Currently, they weren't terribly concerned, and hadn't got any serious warnings from the State or City. That's about to change. I will keep everyone up to date as long as Malcolm can keep 'em coming. According to the storm center, Ike is due to wreak it's havoc in the Houston area around Saturday. Stay tuned.

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