Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike's Fury

This is another of several posts which my former neighbor, Malcolm Lowry is sending daily reports on the arrival of Hurricane Ike. When the storm hits, he will hopefully update repeatedly while he still has power.

24 hours sure made a difference in the medias coverage of IKE. The damaging winds now span a distance of over 200 miles from the eye. It seems as if Ike is building up strength for the eventual inland campaign aimed some where in SE Texas. Stern warnings and mandatory evacuation for the gulf coast counties,and wind advisories all the way north of Conroe. We here in spring expect power outages from winds reaching 60+ mph with gusts up to 100 mph. this is not good for the thousands of people in mobile homes....that’s me!

With the evacuees from the coastal counties coming inland, it will be difficult for driving just due to local traffic unable to travel south because of the contraflow of the interstate. I myself don’t wish to be looted so I will be riding this thing out. However I do have a backup plan. IF by tomorrow evening I don’t feel comfortable here in the 40+mph winds starting @5-6pm, I will go to my shop where at least some steel and concrete were used to build it.

The local news is having their turn in the spotlight every news cast is like an audition for GMA or TODAY show. Reality tv at its very best. Ha! At the grocery store people are stocking up on the standard emergency supplies: batteries, water and beer. The highways are still in their normal configuration with moderate traffic. everyone I've spoken with is calm and not overly concerned with being forced to flee.

OK, well I think I might give my poker buddies a call and see maybe I can get a game going for tomorrow night. if the storm gets bad enough maybe I can do as good as I did during Katrina! In fact I think I made $80 IN the 8 or 12 hrs of Katrina. this storm is expected to last much longer; I hope this helps my game!

Addendum: I have e-mailed Malcolm urging him to bail out. He lives in a mobile home with a shop out back that would be one story. Houston is now predicted to be the center of the storm with 90 MPH winds and a 20 foot storm surge. with Galveston Bay leading almost all the way into Houston, it will probably be fatal for him to stay.

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