Friday, September 12, 2008

More Malcom & Ike

In our continuing coverage of Malcom Lowry's survival attempts, I am again reprinting some of his e-mails to me, along with my warning to him. I will continue to cover this as long as he can still communicate with me.

"Mother Nature just played the "you gonna die card" in your poker game. Stick the most important stuff in your rig and get the hell out."(Herb)

(Malcolm) "Ya, the poker game is a bust. I'm headed for higher ground you'll know more when I know more."

"I've talked with the fire dept and of course Ive been watching the news and internet reports; we are being told to shelter at home but as I've mentioned previously, I live in a mobile home.The advice for mobile home dwellers is to go elsewhere...So I have altered my plan. I will spend a good part of tomorrow at the shop which is 45 feet above sea level,well out of reach of the storm surge, to drop off my tools and secure some other valuables. By late evening I plan to be in a brick home on the "clean" side of IKE. There is no doubt this storm is the most ominous threat to Houston in 25 years.

The places which will be affected by storm surge are all evacuated, special needs people are gone too. The highways have NOT opened to contra flow. the mood is a calm. Anxiousness is a better description than impending doom. for those of us still here, we've all accepted the fact we cannot totally evade this monster , we will be hit... HARD. Hurricane cat2 wind for more than 10 hours, heavy rain, and possible tornadoes. ya....there is fear, but I have not seen one person panic or any of the emotions other than concern coupled with swift action by the local governments and citizens alike."

UPDATE: 1:11 pm 9/12. Alright I've had enough already....I'm headed south to San Antonio. I'll give you a call after I'm out of this mess.

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