Sunday, September 14, 2008

Malcolm Speaks

I heard from Malcolm today. He has returned to Spring, a suburb of Houston about three miles north. He has electricity, which is better than most, has his internet connection, but as yet, no dial tone. We are waiting for a more complete description of what he is facing, but it appears his mobile home didn't get blown away.

O k, 2 pm September 15, the power finally came back on.
I went to San Antonio,stayed at my grandmothers rental house(which happened to be empty). I waited 24 hours to make the return. on the return at Flatonia,Texas we passed the convoys of Cat 1000 watt generators with their federal police escorts ... Hundreds of them. I got lucky with the weather holding out until I made it through southwest Houston where I saw only light damage from wind. Some hours later the same part of Interstate 10 would be under several inches, perhaps feet of water. Upon my arriving home I did notice the wind had some incredible force to remove the skirting off of every trailer in the complex. A few missing shingles and such.

While leaving Houston, I called my grandmother and she told me, my 49 y/o cousin who lives in Galveston , failed to make the bus for the evacuation. We can only hope for the best. As of yet no word on him.

To the northeast of where I live the damage is awesome. Trees plucked roots and all and thrown over 20 ft from the hole. Mangled steel pieces from industrial buildings and signs litter the storm drains.

I've only seen a few pics of Galveston and I am very concerned for my cousin. Now its time for my first shower and maybe more later.

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