Saturday, September 06, 2008

John McCain

I just finished watching the CNN special on the life of John McCain. Considering that CNN isn't noted for being the bastion of conservatism, all in all, I thought they did a pretty good job of telling his life story. Sure, they emphasized his warts, but they also portrayed him as a man of principle, a man that doesn't bow to knee jerk party line, when principle was in the way.

Many people that doubt his credentials as a viable candidate, point to his temper and the breakup of his first marriage. First, dealing with temper, is a subjective exercise. Most people that rise to the top of a political career,are either phonies, or passionate about government.Passion sometimes takes the form of anger, and that's to be expected. Nobody should stand in place with a smile on their face while being attacked on a personal basis.

The breakup of him and his former wife is a story that has been told time after time with returning vets. Not just the ones that survived combat, but especially those that survived imprisonment. Our Veteran Administration Treatment Centers across the nation are full of Viet Nam Vets with Post Traumatic Syndrome. Many, if not most, when repatriated, found it difficult to adjust to life as usual. Liberal politicians constantly harp on the subject of understanding and helping those that were so afflicted. Is it such a stretch to assume that after over five years of imprisonment, torture, and the feelings of guilt that this, just as human as any other vet, might have had problems readjusting to life as usual. It isn't unusual for marriages to flounder when faced with a vet that is maladjusted to normality.

That this man has overcome most of the major challenges, crippling injuries, PTSD, and other experiences, along with the knowledge that his line of Admirals, both father and grandfather expected nothing short of greatness from him. He appears to be a man of principle, not slogans, nor party first if he feels they are wrong.

Why then, are so many people aligned against him? Could it be that he is upsetting the status Quo so badly, when the Democrats started smelling blood on the water, that his opponents have become shrill? This man may be the best transitional president we've ever had, or needed. Many of us have made mistakes in our personal lives. I certainly have. For this man to make some of the same mistakes that I did with much more justification, I can accept. Do we need change? We certainly do. I just think that McCain/Palin are the change we need, not a throw the baby out with the bathwater change the democrats suggest.

I used the word transitional, because some have forgotten that we only elect a president for four years, not eight, and it's not automatic that he run for a second term, though if he is able, why not.We all know that I am 70, just two years younger than McCain. If he remains healthy, alert and involved, well, that's a decision best left to the future.


Anonymous said...

Herb, this is such a wonderfully written "blog" about the potential our country has with the election of McCain/Palin. Through each election I have held out hope that the politicians would act on what they promise. Through the years my hope has diminished. Our elected officials must be responsible to the people FIRST. Disappointment has become more common for me, in trying to understand the direction that our country is going.
I am energized with hope that McCain/Palin will make positive changes - Big changes for the American people. I pray that they deliver on their promises. I am ready for a stronger America with the people uniting and working I'm not into the Brandy - but there is euphoria in the hopes :)

Bay Views said...

Somehow during the comment moderation process where I receive the comments in my e-mail account, this comment fell through the cracks. I am publishing it as written:

I try my best to avoid political discussions, having been a "tarbender" for many years I learned my lesson well. However, I have to say that Sarah Palin is like a breath of fresh air. Obama, quite frnakly scares me.

Thanks Herb for your refreshing post!

Norma Jean

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

When McCain flip flops, it has been recorded often how much he has. Is it about principle, or is it about expediency? When McCain who is known for "reaching across the aisle" prefers a running mate who will do anything but, is it a principle? Or is it pandering to base? And finally, I have no doubt that McCain suffered terribly while a POW. But in wars since, and esp. the war he fully supports GW on, he also supported GW's view that cannon fodder (our troops) really don't need this country's support for say a GI Bill. Wouldn't a vet stand up for fellow vets? I question that the man has principles. That is what upsets me the most about him.