Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Chamber Stuff

Some remarks recently have suggested that I have been attacking Jim MacDonald. Not true. Jim MacDonald's integrity is beyond question. The combination of health issues that have weakened Jim, has given other activists within the chamber the latitude to create chaos. I really hate to personalize these things, but people do bad things and when they do, a light needs to be shined upon them so that the rest of the community will become aware of what is taking place.

Loyalty to one's fellow officers is commendable, but those that receive that loyalty are obligated to refrain from abusing that trust. A string of events starting last Summer and continuing have been troublesome: Criticism of those that solicit funds for the fireworks fund if in fact those funds come from a source that is disliked by the complaining officer; Jumping to conclusions as a newer member of the community as to raffle rules, without appropriate research, hiring an expensive attorney to interpret a rule that one phone call to Boise would have cured; miss-allocating funds entrusted to the chamber by the public; all of these things are egregious mistakes in judgment. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not appropriate behavior.

When people run for office, whether a political office or a community organization, they take on a responsibility that requires thoughtful actions, not impulsive acts. That mistakes or worse are criticized is part of what you accept when running for that office. Perhaps the worst of these sins would be the betrayal of Jim MacDonald, an honest caring community leader whose helpers have let him down.

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Anonymous said...

Although I believe Mrs. Ellis has explaining to do, you read like someone from the McCarthy era.

You accuse Skip Wilcox of impropriety. You did not do your research and really should talk to those you write disparaging about before going to print. It only seems fair. Skip had already resigned from the Community Center board in writing prior to the Chamber meeting. Our community organizations depends on volunteers in the Council, the Chamber, the Community Center, BABS and so on. While they should be held accountable, your personal attacks do nothing to aid in the progress of our community.

Skip has done so much for our community that it makes me mad that you would defame his character. Recently Skip raised $2,600 for a park swing and for years collects money and goods for the Athol food bank. I have seen him pick up trash as he walks our streets. He deserves better because he is a dedicated community servant, and you owe him a public apology.