Saturday, January 03, 2009


This is about Bob and Debra Deimler, my back yard neighbors. They moved in here about a year ago and adopted me, as I did them. They live year around in a motor home that looks to be planted firmly in the ground, along with three Dachshunds, all of which also adopted me.Before they arrived, I had been mostly a hermit They wouldn't accept that and still don't. We have dinner together, sometimes at their place, sometimes at mine. We do this at least once a week. This of course, requires me to strive to greater culinary triumphs than when I eat alone. These people are my heroes. Doing things for people just because they want to, not because they think it makes them look good.

I didn’t get you a Christmas card, nor a New Years greeting either. What I did do, was coming home from my road trip, I managed to gripe and grumble about everything you did, even though you overhauled my home while I was gone. That, I guess is why they call us old people Curmudgeons.That you seem to understand that old people don’t like change of any kind, and get frustrated as hell over minor bullshit, you both seem to love me anyhow.

Ever time I turn around, when I am looking for ways out of a problem, you both without hesitation, jump up and solve my problems. Today, I worried about how I was going to dig out to get to my Doctors appointment, twice canceled for weather. Here I am, buried again. Suddenly, comes Bob. Can I do laundry? Absolutely, anytime. Then I mentioned that I was going to have to dig myself out after the coming storm. “Not to worry, Herb, we did it this morning.”

There are so many others that have risen above the required. Hans at Scenic Bay Marina for taking time out from rescuing the Sagging Boat sheds and float homes, to plow us out in our little mobile home court. Phil Stephan, noticing that my car had been parked at the Wheel for days, cranked his Bobcat up and scooped me out. Reid, Mark and so many others, working 12 to 15 hour days to help those that couldn't help themselves.Truly, I love you guys. "When the things get tough, then the tough get going," is an old expression. It couldn't be more appropriate than now.

This old man, has tears in his eyes.

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