Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lovers? Are there any Lovers Left?

I have received the grand total of one love story for my Spokesman-Review Valentines column. This is the one chance this year to score points with your special person. I cannot believe that out of all of my readers. there are no romanticists left. I'm appalled. It appears that I feel more romance for my ex-wives, than you married couples that don't.

With all that is happening in the economy, world affairs, and such, why wouldn't affairs closer to home be more important. A few short words, telling our readers why your relationship is superior to those other, just get by folks, will hopefully inspire those less fortunate's to try harder. I know, because I have read constantly, the words of happily married couples here on line and through Huckleberrries.

Here's the deal. My column in the Spokesman-Review that will publish sometime before my death, but hopefully before February 14, will through you, show that romance is not dead and that male/female relationships are still successful. without your stories, most failures will assume that everyone else screwed up too. Let's help these wounded relationships by showing them the true path to happiness.

Leave a 100 to 200 word essay on this blog, or e-mail it to me direct at If your story is chosen, you will win ... nothing, except the knowledge that your true love knows that you love him/her as well. All totaled, that ain't bad.

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ME said...

Hey big guy sent you and email with my love note. Thanks for letting me play.