Friday, January 23, 2009

Lot's Happnin' In The Bay

Topping the news in Bayview today, is the ruling from Idaho Department of Lands, denying the privatization of Boileau's Marina. The ruling itself is long and complicated, but as I understand it, most of the problems stem from the Littoral rights being transferred to another corporation, lack of parking for the announced number of customers, and the inconsistency of information found in the various documents submitted by Waterford Park, LLC. There also seems to be a cross pollination of Boileau's and Harborview. With Boileau's appearing to be sold piecemeal, The association with Harborview is somewhat clouded. Any corrections as to the accuracy of my conclusions are welcome in the comments section.

In other news, it appears that the sewer project in Farragut State Park is going on hold due to budget cutbacks across the board by the state. Not all of the project, however is affected. much of the system is already on the ground, as phase one as will be completed as scheduled. Phase one includes the Sewer lagoon itself, the new dump station adjacent to Gilmore campground, Gilmore campground, Waldron campground, The brig and Beaver Bay. All of these projects are under way and will be completed as scheduled.

Phase two would include the East Dump Station and Boat Launch area.
The brief announcement in this morning's paper was a little misleading.

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