Friday, January 30, 2009

Love Abounds, This Valentine's Season

I put out the call for love stories that are printable in my last post. I have received some dandies. One or two of them will find themselves as feature stories. All are appreciated. We will print many, if not all of them, space being a problem, always. Those that don't make the paper will appear in this blog, after Valentine's Day.

I want to thank those that have responded. Many, if not most, opened up their hearts and told some real good stories. We'll most likely print the first next Thursday and the rest February 12.

Bayview was pretty much shut down today with dense fog. That has cleared away, and we're supposed to get a little snow. Personally, I'd rather see a few inches of snow, (notice I said a FEW)than freezing fog and icy roads.

My brother, Stan and his wife, Marilyn are sitting in Tampa Bay, Florida, with strawberry juice dripping off their chins, somewhat embarrassed to not be sharing what we have to offer, weather wise. That probably applies to our friends in the Yuma area, who are professional loafers. (Mondays excepted, Jim)For the rest of you, Jim Campbell, former owner of the Captain's Wheel Restaurant here in Bayview, couldn't stay out of the kitchen.

He's flipping anywhere from 300 to 450 burgers during Monday burger night which draws retirees from far and wide to the VFW in Wellton, Arizona. Right down the road are Liz & Larry Justus, owners of Lakeland RV Park in Bayview. Others within shouting distance are: Dick & Annie Gaspar, and a bunch of others, like Dave & Annie Morrow, who split there time between Mexico and Yuma. You folks be careful traveling north this spring. Many disgruntled northern residents may be out throwing rocks at northbound vehicles.

Watch the Spokesman-Review Prairie voice for your love story, coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Even though we may be going bankrupt, us part-time Bayviewers, in CA are having 80 degree weather. I am sorry. Just be glad you are not in Ky. or Minn.

Happy Feb.

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