Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's Over (For Now)

Gone are the gigantic heaps of snow, the roofs moaning under stress. Gone is the snow piled higher that the tops of my sorrels.Tree limbs have regained their former appearance, stark and bold without the softening, decorative effect of snow. Much of the snow is gone, replaced by water with no place to go. Snow berms have dammed, and perhaps damned the water from seeking it's normal path, puddling gently between you, and where you are trying to reach.

Appearing again, is junk that didn't make it to the dump, vacant boat slips with just the fly bridge showing, as some boats, overloaded with snow and ice, tried their best to imitate the Titanic. Now instead of ice with packed snow covering our streets, we have ice with water covering them. Tree limbs litter the ground, ripped from the parent tree either from the earlier weight of snow, or the violent winds that kicked up when the warm front appeared.

This respite was needed, overdue and critical for us to have the ability to move around, and will last until the week-end, when winter is scheduled to return. Those that have boats stored in covered slips have all been spared, but some, even larger boats weighed down from the snow, siphoned full of water and sank in place. One pontoon boat loaded up with snow, flipped completely over, and is floating upside down.

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Anonymous said...

well the big snow is a good thing; to sustain the aquafer, the snow pack in higher elevations is vital. especially if: pigbearman(Al Gore..a la Southpark)' ...i mean "global warming" is in fact a reality. seems the places w/ storm activity are the only places with jobs available. everyday i hear of someone going out of business. we had Ike but i guess we didnt "spin it" hard enough to keep up the illusion of how devistated we where. although on second thought... how did the fema workers do shoveling? (im being cheeky here) did sean penn come skiing down into town and hand out mre's?
seriously, did Idaho even apply for relief? does a blizard even qualify?

yall say warm and keep your powder dry. malcolm